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Blonde Blythe

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Hi! I'm a self-taught, Alabama fantasy/ folk artist who paints in a whimsical style--somewhat on the naive side. I'm in love with big eyes and cuteness galore! In 2000, I sold my first painting on eBay--a portrait of a Blythe doll (with blonde hair), which inspired my artist name. Shortly thereafter, my Blythe doll art was featured in the national publication, Barbie Bazaar magazine, in the article, "Blythe: American Gothic."

I was inspired by big eye art early on, when I saw my first Betty Boop cartoons. Later on, I became inspired by the sad-eyed works of Keane, Gig, Maio, & Eden, and, of course, the Blythe doll!

I'm the author of a book, titled, Big Eye Art: Resurrected and Transfomed, which may be purchased on Amazon.com.

Interested in purchasing products with my art (art prints, coffee mugs, phone cases, magnets, stickers, tote bags, puzzles, greeting cards, fabric, accent pillows, and more!)?

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Past Clients:    United States, Europe.

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